The services we offer to accounting firms

The services we offer to accounting firms - Runview

The role of chartered and certified accountants is shifting from producing accounts towards that of supporting senior management. Leveraging the value of the file of accounting entries (“FEC”, produced for tax purposes to meet statutory requirements in France) presents a real opportunity for accounting firms to improve internal processes by adding a standardised digital component to accounting quality controls. The leading-edge technology developed by Runview enables you use accounts data to reveal valuable information with the aim of protecting your clients by ensuring they are following tax regulations, and delivering bespoke support and guidance.

Digitalisation issues
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Quality control over accounts data - Runview

Quality control over accounts data

Paperless office systems and automated data flows make accounts entries, approval, reconciliation, and so on a much easier matter; however, the uncontrolled large-scale production of data can result in deterioration in the quality of accounting. In recent years, having high-quality data available has become a key success factor in the accounting profession.

It is consequently vital to be in a position to identify any possible errors as and when they occur, to correct them before final approval of the books. Regular checks of accounting entries enables you to keep your accounting data quality at a high level while improving your procedures.

Control over tax and financial risks

Tax inspections are increasing in number, are better targeted, and are even tending towards the systematic. If the tax authorities reject a file of accounting entries, your clients are exposed to the risk of financial penalties, the rejection of their financial statements, or even a tax adjustment if irregularities are found.

The accounting firm is thus the protector of its clients’ financial resources, providing them with flawless digital accounting services.

Control over tax and financial risks - Runview
Productivity gains - Runview

Productivity gains

Accredited accounting firms are usually overworked, so it is helpful to optimise the repetitive tasks carried out by your staff. The accounts review process is one such time-consuming task that often causes a bottleneck, especially when tax returns are due.

Looking at the risk attached to different clients to prioritise reviews and free up some time, by means of automated checks, helps your firm secure productivity gains. It then becomes possible to focus on higher added value services for your clients.

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A configuration-free, online solution - Runview

A configuration-free, online solution

Our unique proprietary technology is the outcome of 18 years of R&D and incorporates powerful data mining and artificial intelligence algorithms. We provide an easy-to-use SaaS solution for analysis of files of accounting entries, accessed in a few clicks and requiring no local installation or complicated configuration.

Runview offers an intuitive, streamlined and collaborative user interface, designed for management of clients’ accounts by accounting firms. You can bulk import your clients’ files of accounting entries and organise them into folders in a shared library. You are also in charge of managing your staff’s read and write access permissions to this data.

A system suited to accounting firms’ working practices

The solution was designed in conjunction with accountants, to ensure it best meets the specific requirements of the profession, and to support you in the various assignments you undertake in respect of accounting records for the tax authorities:

  • Check the compliance of files of accounting entries, in terms of both file format and accounts data quality;
  • Correct provisional file data as and when needed, until the file is approved;
  • Run a preliminary tax check to pre-empt any inspection the tax authority might conduct;
  • Facilitate accounts review work by automating the examination of accounts entries;
  • Raise points to watch to improve the content of the explanatory notes accompanying the file;
  • Compare the risk level across your client files to prioritise processing and save time when tax returns are due;
  • Generate summary analysis reports on the files of accounting entries, for the attention of your clients;
  • Standardise the production of responses to several points on the audit trail for a tax compliance examination (France’s “ECF” service offered by auditors).
A system suited to accounting firms’ working practices - Runview
Display of results - Runview

Near-instant results

As example, the analysis of 100 FEC of less than 100,000 lines takes 20 minutes. You are presented with a full display of the results within minutes: a table listing the risks identified, the details of the irregularities found and a summary table of the accounts data concerned. You have the option to add your own annotations, or edit the tests’ conclusions if need be, download the results into Excel, to reconstitute the trial balance and the first pages of the tax return, etc.

You can download a full editable report in a few clicks, to facilitate your work on various files and provide your clients with a deliverable offering real added value. Runview is consequently offering a comprehensive, turnkey system helping you to protect your clients against risks stemming from accounting irregularities while improving your firm’s productivity.

Tax risk - Runview

Our clients in the accounting profession

Whether you are a small accounting firm or huge nationwide chain of offices, whether you prepare accounts, audit accounts, or both, the various features and tests offered by Runview are designed to fit right into your organisation’s strategy.

Yohan Berland, Mission manager and memorialist chartered accountant at CHD Groupe
At CHD, we wanted to implement a process of regular checks on the quality of these files. We accordingly contacted Runview in 2019, with the aim of systematically including a file of accounting entries audit in our accounts review procedures.