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In the beginning...


Recovery audit specialist ABBD is formed


Development starts on our proprietary data mining software


MasterFEC is created, an online system designed to examine the FEC


The company employs its 50th member of staff


New branding and business organisation

Our overarching purpose: flawless digital accounting

Formed in 2002, Runview is now the leading partner for businesses seeking help to protect their financial resources.

Using firstly our leading-edge proprietary software, and secondly our people’s expertise in taxation and accounting, our key aim is to exploit your accounting system to reveal valuable information.

Our data analysis skills have enabled us to specialise in two areas, namely recovery audits (involving supplier over-payments and overlooked input VAT) and examining your statutory file of accounting entries as provided to the French tax authorities. Consequently, we offer solutions for large companies and for accounting firms.

The accounting profession still does not yet have the necessary means to conduct comprehensive analysis of all its data. We therefore wanted to give you the capability to protect yourself against accounting-related financial losses and risks, including as regards:

  • Avoiding squandering cash
  • Quality control over accounts data
  • Control over tax and financial risks
  • Productivity gains
Our overarching purpose: flawless digital accounting - Runview
Our objective is to help the accounting profession deal with issues stemming from digitalisation - Runview

Our objective is to help the accounting profession deal with issues stemming from digitalisation

We want to facilitate the work of professional accountants working for accounting firms or in companies, and help them deal with the emerging issues arising from digitalisation of accounting systems (paperless transactions, computerised tax inspections, process automation, electronic billing, and so on).

To do so, we build our systems jointly with major names on the market, and we always take client feedback into consideration. Our systems are consequently continuously being upgraded, with developments and enhancements driven by technological progress as well as changes in taxation and accounting practice. With the incorporation of artificial intelligence, the design of predictive tests, new business intelligence features and a smoother user experience, we do our utmost to continuously improve our service.

We are attentive to your needs, and always on the lookout for new ways to help in your daily routine.

Our team

Runview is a 60-strong organisation with a high level of expertise in accounting, taxation, development, sales, marketing and more, based in central Paris. Under the operational leadership of the company’s four associate-partners, all of our staff make client satisfaction, innovation and the personal touch their main focus, day in and day out.

Olivier Brengues
Olivier Brengues
Managing Director - Co-founder
Yasmine Salahadine
Yasmine Salahdine
Managing Director - Operations
Franck Labarre
Franck Labarre
Managing Director - Product
Alban Delsol
Alban Delsol
Managing Director - Revenue
Our team - Runview